Bacterial Plaque On Teeth Removal Methods

Plaque and Tartar can cause severe damage to your teeth and overall oral health. Get professional help from Monroe Dentist to bacterial plaque build-up and improve your smile. Plaque vs. Tartar Plaque and Tartar are build-ups on the surface of the [...]

Toothache and Other Dental Emergencies

Despite the high volume of patients, most ERs in the US are not well equipped to handle dental emergencies. Instead of going to an emergency room, it is always better to visit your dentist’s office for emergency dental care. Can you [...]

5 Best Ways to Treat Tooth Sensitivity

What is Tooth Sensitivity? Dentin hypersensitivity or tooth sensitivity is when hot or cold food or beverages makes a shivering and severe impact in your mouth. Dentine hypersensitivity or tooth sensitivity is when a hot or cold food or beverages makes [...]

Dental Veneers & Other Options For Better Smile

Dental veneers can help you hide any unappealing issues in your teeth. Although veneers are not the only option, many patients choose veneers over other solutions. Visiting Monroe Family Dentistry for an examination with Dr. Mjahed will allow you to learn [...]

Choosing A Dentist For Teeth Whitening

Teeth discoloration and stains will alter a once beautiful smile. The easiest option for resolving teeth discoloration issues is to undergo teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can be done at home by using teeth whitening kits. The better option though would be [...]

Top 7 Childhood Dental Problems Explained

Aren't children swell? Yup, for the most part, these little bundles of joy are awesome and a delight to have. However, in some cases, there are some factors like dental pain and other oral issues that can put a damper or [...]

Rheumatoid Arthritis & Oral Health

Does Rheumatoid Arthritis Affect Your Mouth? Taking care of your teeth may be a good way to care for your joint health. With a sudden rise in rheumatoid arthritis cases in the past 15 years, researchers are scrambling to learn more about [...]

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