Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening has become one of the most requested dental services over the last two decades. This cosmetic procedure removes stains or discoloration from teeth to give a whiter smile. Teeth whitening options come in various forms. You can use store-bought whitening products, like whitening gels or strips, or you can choose professional teeth whitening in our Monroe dentist office.

What are the causes of discolored teeth?

Many things can cause teeth discoloration. Caffeine and tobacco are some of the main culprits behind tooth discoloration. Also, consuming certain foods and beverages like blueberries can change the color of your teeth.

Poor oral hygiene is usually an issue that leads to discoloration in most cases. Brushing decreases plaque buildup that results in teeth yellowing. If you typically have a natural yellowish tint to your teeth, this is a clear sign of plaque buildup.

Why Come to Monroe Family Dentistry?

Our teeth whitening system helps remove deep stains and discoloration. All of our teeth whitening procedures are painless and can be done in our office after your regular checkup, We take special care of patients with tooth sensitivity. Our gentle and caring dental team offers several teeth whitening services to brighten your smile:

Zoom whitening: Zoom whitening is a procedure that involves whitening teeth using dental gel and blue light. The process is very popular because it offers fast and long-lasting results. You don’t need to use any special type of toothpaste or toothbrush. Just go to a dentist and within an hour or two, you will have your sparkling smile.

Custom-made whitening trays: Custom-made whitening trays are dental trays custom made by a dentist to fit over your teeth. You’ll need to put tooth-whitening gel inside the tray and place it over the teeth. The gel contains bleaching material that whitens your teeth.

At-home teeth whitening kit: At-home whitening kits are whitening strips, gels, or toothpaste that you can use without a dentist’s supervision.