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Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can be very disadvantageous, both from the aesthetic and functional point of view. A missing frontal tooth can rob you of your self-confidence and leave you feeling too conscious while talking to people. If that wasn’t enough, there are the functional drawbacks as well. The way a person bites and chews food, pronounces words, etc. can be affected to a large extent. This is why dentists recommend their patients to get their missing teeth restored at the earliest.

Dr. Khalil Mjahed has helped several patients with missing teeth overcome their difficulty. He is backed up by an excellent and well-trained team who understand the requirements of the patients and provide the required treatment.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is one of the simplest prosthetic that is used to replace a missing tooth. It is composed of a ceramic prosthetic tooth and two dental crowns (caps) on either side to hold it in position. This way, the restoration will effectively replace the missing tooth and no one would even find out that you have a ‘fake tooth’.

Why should I choose a dental bridge?

  • A dental bridge restores the functionality of the smile perfectly. Since it is made from a ceramic prosthetic that is tooth-colored, it would look exactly like a real tooth and no one would ever know it unless you tell them.
  • When a tooth goes missing, the adjoining teeth tend to drift from their positions. This can lead to malocclusion and change in the shape of the jawbone as well. However, when a bridge is placed, the teeth would not drift and the facial shape would be retained.
  • The biting and chewing ability of a person would be restored to normal. Also, the patient would be able to pronounce words like before.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure to get a dental bridge involves initial screening of the tooth-loss site to check for any infections, drifting of teeth, malocclusion, jawbone deterioration, etc. A highly precise mold of the teeth will be taken along with scans and x-rays to determine the exact positioning of the missing tooth and the spacing available for the bridge. The data obtained will be sent to a dental laboratory to serve as a reference for fabricating the bridge. Until the bridge is finished, which usually take up to 2 weeks, a temporary crown may be recommended by the dentist.

The bridge and crowns will be fabricated in the laboratory using dental-grade ceramic as it is highly durable, stain resistant and can be made to match the exact shade of the enamel. The bridge will be placed in position and secured firmly with the help of dental adhesives. A bite test may be done to ensure the bridge fits perfectly and the patient has no discomfort with the bite. It may be polished if required.

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A dental bridge crosses the space left by a missing tooth to help secure the teeth on either side. A bridge is comprised of two dental caps that are placed on either side of the space, with a pontic in the middle that replaces the missing tooth/teeth