Reviews for Dentist in Monroe, NC


“Super pleased with Monroe Family Dentistry. I was long overdue for a trip to the dentist, knew I needed a lot of work, and had much anxiety about it. Very happy I decided on Monroe Family Dentistry and Dr Mjahed. At this point, I have been a number of times. Every visit the staff is friendly, professional, and courteous. There has rarely been any waiting time, if so, it is minimal.. Most importantly, Dr Mjahed is awesome…very professional, patient and sensitive to any anxiety his patients may be experiencing, He has a kind, friendly, easy going manner that makes his patients feel comfortable. Another plus is his honesty…I think the opportunity was really there to run up my bill, offering more expensive options as the only options, but he didn’t do that. The costs are so much lower than I had anticipated. Thank you, Dr Mjahed and staff!!”


“Your persistence and attention to detail in your studies and later-on in your clinic have paid off. I have no doubt that you will show the same high level of commitment in the future. Well done, We are very proud of you.”


“Very happy that we chose this dentist. I have great anxiety when I am in a dentist office and Dr. Mjahed and his staff have handled this problem of mine very well and for that I thank you all. He makes the visit pleasant and comfortable even though I haven’t been to the dentist in some time and needed a bit of work done. They have always been professional and patient to all of my anxiety moments. You will be happy to chose Dr. Mjahed as well!”