Toothache and Other Dental Emergencies that need ER care

Can you go to the ER for toothaches and any dental emergencies? It may sound a little weird, but toothache and sore throat are among the top five reasons people go to ER.

Dentist’s office vs. ER

Despite the high volume of patients, most ERs in the US are not well equipped to handle dental emergencies. Handling dental emergencies is just not the same as medical emergencies related to the other parts of the body.

If you go to an ER for tooth pain or a cracked tooth, you may be surprised to see that there is no dental professional in the room. Despite emergency care, you need advice from a professional dentist.

Instead of going to an emergency room, it is always better to visit your dentist’s office for regular or emergency dental care. However, there may be situations when you need prompt attention for temporary relief from pain or to save a tooth.

7 Dental Emergencies That Require A Visit To A Dentist

Severe Toothache

Toothaches are one of the most common causes of emergncy dental visits. If the ache is gone with over-the-counter medication, you may wait for the next day to see your dentist. Otherwise, get your key and hit the road. If the toothache is increasing with time, do not waste a single minute. It may indicate several underlying causes, gum disease, or even life-threatening infections.

Bleeding Gums

Have you ever noticed blood in your dental floss? If yes, then it is time to go see a dentist. Along with serious oral hygiene issues, bleeding gums indicate gum diseases like gingivitis.

You can apply a cold compress; however, it is better to see a dentist ASAP.

Loose Tooth

It is common to have a few loose teeth when you are a kid. Nevertheless, it is a severe issue if you have wiggly teeth in your mouth as an adult. It may mean you have a severe tooth injury, and severe tooth pain will accompany it. Another reason for loose teeth is infection. The infection can be localized sinus infections to mouth ulcers. Thus, call your dentist immediately if you have a loose tooth to see if you can do a walk-in visit.

Tooth Infection

You can get an infection in your mouth in numerous ways. One of the most common causes is an untreated cavity. It can lead to gum recession and other periodontal diseases. Some tooth infections may require dental surgeries like a root canal. However, most infections can be cured if detected in the early stage.

Swollen Jaw

You may get a swollen jaw while your wisdom teeth are coming in. Otherwise, a swollen jaw means a gland infection is affecting your oral health. If you have a fever, bad taste in the mouth, and inflammation, you need to take it seriously.

Rinsing your mouth with warm water or using clove oil may temporarily soothe the irritation; however, you will need a permanent solution.

Numb Tooth

It may sound better than a severe toothache, but it is equally painful and dangerous. A numb tooth means the infections are touching the root of the teeth and gradually cutting it off from the nervous system.

Long-lasting Canker Sore

From adults to children, a canker sore is the most common form of gum infection. It indicates early-stage mouth ulcers that can be treated with home remedies or over-the-counter medications.

However, if the sores stay too long and no pain reliever works on them, it is time for a trip to the xlosest emergency dentist office near you in Monroe NC.

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