Everyone suffers from a headache on occasion, but many people experience debilitating migraines several times each day. Things such as stress, excessive caffeine consumption, and poor diet are often blamed for these recurring headaches, while many cases have an often overlooked cause. Recurring headaches are often caused by oral health issues which can be effectively treated, eliminating the affected person’s need for pain medication. Keep reading to learn about how headaches can be caused by negative oral health conditions according to our Monroe dentist.

Oral Conditions Which Could Cause Recurring Headaches

Grinding Teeth – Many headaches are caused by extreme jaw and muscle tension that is a result of an uncontrollable sleeping habit. Some people grind their teeth while they sleep, leading to tooth destruction and a sore jaw. A tooth grinding problem during sleep can be solved by the headache sufferer wearing a specialized mouthguard to prevent the uncontrollable sleep habit.

TMJ & Jaw Alignment – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is a common reason why many people suffer from migraines. This inflammatory joint condition causes friction, leading to severe headaches. Improper jaw alignments such as overbites and underbites often make chewing food strenuous and exhausting for the jaw muscles.

Wisdom Teeth – Wisdom teeth often cause many problems for overall oral health, and they usually cause headaches and jaw pain if they are not surgically removed.

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