Are you getting ready to use Invisalign? That’s awesome! Improving your smile is a great investment to make, and the end result of the treatment is sure to be rewarding. Here are some things to do to help you prepare for Invisalign beforehand:

Commit to Wearing Them Consistently

While Invisalign treatment might be easier than braces in many ways, you do have to be serious about wearing them. The recommended length is a full twenty-two hours per day, and sticking to this is important if you want to see results. Don’t be half-hearted about the treatment and try to skimp on hours–commit to following the guidelines so that your teeth will receive the full benefit of Invisalign.

Stock up on Toothbrushes

When you’re wearing the trays, it’ll be important for you to brush your teeth every time you eat. Getting food stuck between your teeth and the trays is a no-no. To accomplish this without inconveniencing yourself more than is necessary, you’ll probably want to have extra toothbrushes (and toothpaste) on hand. Keep one in each bathroom, and slip an extra into your lunchbox if you’ll be eating away from home.

Plan Your Meals

Since you’ll be wearing your trays most of the day, it’s important to plan your meals carefully. You’ll need to be intentional about when you’re eating and how long each meal takes, as well as plan in times for snacking or drinking beverages other than plain water. If you’re used to grabbing food and munching whenever you feel like it, it may be a good idea to start being more intentional about eating for a couple weeks before your Invisalign treatment begins.

Know They Might Affect Your Speech

While your trays shouldn’t be noticeable from a vision standpoint, many people do find that having the trays in their mouth results is noticeable when they start to talk. Lisping is common when the trays are first installed, and it may take time for you to get used to the feeling of trays in your mouth while you talk. The effect on your speech should fade as time goes on, but don’t be surprised if speaking clearly is a bit difficult at first.

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