Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that is common for adults. Also known as endodontic therapy, your dentist may suggest this treatment when you have decay due to neglect, injury, genetic conditions, or other dental diseases.

People, most of the time, dread going to the dentist for oral check-ups. This can invite many oral health problems that would need to be addressed once they’ve worsened. People fear to consult a dentist for root canal therapy because many believe it to be a painful procedure, it is not.

Considering what a patient might go through before an endodontic therapy inspired us to explain the myths and truths of root canal therapy.

Truths About Endodontic Therapy

1. Taking antibiotics won’t cure teeth infection

Yes, you have read it right. Just because you have a toothache due to an infection, taking antibiotics is not a permanent remedy. It may work for a few days or weeks but once the bacteria return to the decayed area, it will induce pain. Proper cleaning and sealing the area play an important role to completely remove the infection.

2. Root canal therapy doesn’t kill the tooth

Root canal therapy does not kill teeth whether healthy or infected. The treatment allows the clinician to remove the diseased pulp inside the tooth. As the diseased pulp remains a breeding ground for bacteria, removing it will get rid of the bacteria as well. The root is then sealed with Gutta-percha fillings, this permanently seals the bacteria and thus protects a tooth from further damages.

3. You can brush after a root canal

After the treatment, you can brush and floss like usual. Follow your dentist’s instructions, if they tell you not to brush or floss for a certain period then it’s best not to do it.

4. A root canal treatment costs less

Root canal therapy cost depends on many factors. Generally, root canal treatment on a natural tooth doesn’t cost a fortune. Extraction of a tooth, however, can cost you more because it has to replaced with a dental implant or dental bridge to restore chewing function. The cost for denture, implant, or bridge could cost more than the endodontic treatment.

Myths About Endodontic Therapy

1. Root canal treatment causes cancer

There is no scientific evidence that establishes a relationship between cancer and root canal therapy. Root canal treatment is the only way to prevent the manifestation of bacteria and spreading of oral diseases as the procedure removes the area of infection. According to the American Medical Association, a study found that dental patients with multiple endodontic treatments had a 45 percent reduced risk of cancer

2. Root canal therapy is a painful procedure

The elderly might be more fearful of the procedure, there is a significant reason why. The procedure used to be painful ten or twenty years ago that’s true, but with the advent of modern technology along with anesthetics, there’s a very little chance you will feel pain. In the past, the pain was associated with tissue damage in the tooth. However, changes in the administration of the procedure have reduced this risk. The medicines prescribed after dental surgery helps in soothing the pain as well.

3. A root canal is not needed for a dead tooth

Although the nerve inside a dead tooth doesn’t receive blood supply any longer, it can be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria can thrive in the area causing infection to the surrounding teeth, bones, and tissues. Hence, a root canal can act as a barrier to shield the dead tooth from getting or letting other teeth infected. The root canal will clean the debris out of the tooth and seal it completely.

4. Pulling a tooth is better than having a root canal

Dentists say that saving natural teeth is the best option. While artificial replacements may seem or sound like a viable option, nothing can look or function like natural teeth. Thus, root canal treatment is a safe answer as it lasts a very long time. So, here goes this myth out of the window!

To avoid undergoing root canal therapy, some patients opt-in for the total removal of the tooth. This isn’t a good solution.  Missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift and later can affect your teeth’s functionality and strength. Now, that you know the facts and the myths, this will help you make better decisions in terms of going for a root canal in the future.

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Truths & Myths About Root Canal Therapy | Monroe Family Dentistry
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Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that is common for adults.
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