There are lots of articles online today about how to remove tartar from the teeth at home. What you’ll find when reading or skimming through them is that is not easy, almost impossible and not recommended as a dental issue you should try to resolve at home. Tartar is not like plaque, which makes it a lot harder to remove than softened plaque.

The fastest and most effective way to remove plaque is to visit the office of a dental professional like Dr. Mjahed in Monroe NC.

Monroe Family Dentistry has both the expertise and experiences to safely remove tartar and take the necessary preventative measures to help keep it from returning.

What is Tartar?

Tartar is considered a hardened form of plaque. Both dental plaque and tartar are harmful to your teeth. Thus, you should be vigilant in order to catch and remove plaque before it progresses to tartar.

Plaque build-up can occur when you consume foods and the remnants are left behind on the surface of the teeth. Combine this with neglecting daily brushing and flossing and the plaque build-up process begins. This thin, sticky substance accommodates billions of bacteria that can damage your teeth enamel.

Tartar has a distinct yellow to brown shade. It will eventually go beyond the gum line contributing to gingivitis. If you have tartar build-up, get immediate help from dental professionals to reduce the risk of tooth decay and other gum diseases.

Can You Loosen Tartar On Teeth?

First, let’s discuss plaque removal. You may remove softened plaque from the surface of the teeth using over-the-counter (OTC) tools or toothbrushes. However, it is not possible to use any home remedies or OTC tools to remove tartar. You’ll need to see your dentist for removing the Tartar.

What Can A Dentist Do?

Dental professionals use tartar removal tools, either handheld or ultrasonic. Handheld tools require a great deal of expertise and precision. On the contrary, the ultrasonic instrument is relatively easy and more comfortable.

A handheld tool or a dental scaler has a sharp point that can break and remove tartar coatings from the surface of your teeth. A steady flow of water removes the broken pieces to clean the teeth.

The ultrasonic tool, on the contrary, has an end that vibrates and cracks the tartar. As it is not possible to see the tartar in some cases, therefore the dentist relies on touch and color irregularities to locate the tartar build-ups.

How to Prevent Tartar?

See your dentist regularly

When compared to seeking medical care versus dental care, medical tumps dental every time for most people. However, it is important that you prioritize seeing your dentist just as you prioritize seeking medical care. The state of your oral health is closely linked to your overall health. Your dentist is the best source of information for determining how some oral health issues can exacerbate other issues like diabetes and heart disease.

If you are having a persistent bad breath, brownish build-up on your teeth, or irritated gums, make an appointment with your dentist immediately. You may discover that tartar buildup is causing more problems than you know.

Brush and Floss daily

Flossing and brushing your teeth are the easiest ways to remove plaque and stop tartar build. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing and flossing at least twice a day. The use of a manual toothbrush with soft bristles will give better results.

You can use an electric toothbrush for better results as well; however, there is scope for more research about the effectiveness of electronic toothbrushes.

Cut off sweets from your diet

Any kind of sugar provides food for plaque bacteria. Thus, more sugar means more bacteria and more damage to your tooth enamel. To maintain good oral health, cut down sugar from your diet.

If you feel the urge for sweets go for natural sugar sources like apples, carrots, and many more. Munching sesame seeds will provide some sweetness along with fiber.

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