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Periodontal disease is a group of inflammatory conditions that affect tissues around the tooth. Gum disease is a common condition that is considered a periodntal disease. Early stages of gum disease is known as gingivitis, while the advanced stage type is called periodontitis.  These conditions are usually the result of a diet that is high in sugars or starches, coupled with poor oral care. These factors aid in the formation of a sticky film of harmful bacteria that builds  up on teeth.

In America, unfortunately, many people have gum disease and are not even aware.  Periodontal disease, if left untreated, poses a serious threat to your teeth and gums. It also constitutes long-term risks to your overall health and wellbeing. Almost half of all persons older than 30 years in the United States have some form of gum disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). See us at our dentist office in Monroe NC for treatment for a periodontal disease.

Effects of Periodontal Disease on Your Dental Health

If you have gingivitis, you may notice your gums have become swollen or red. In some cases the gum or gum line may bleed when you brush your teeth. Bleeding is a clear sign of inflammation that will become worse, over time, if you fail to seek proper dental care. As progrssion continues, you will develp an advanced form of the disease, it is called periodontitis.

Periodontal disease leads to the destruction of your gums and then spreads to the bones supporting your teeth. Your gums can separate from your teeth as a result, creating deep pockets where bacteria will thrive. These pockets allow bacteria to create a foundation for descruction that can end in tooth loss.

Long-Term Health Risks

Researchers have observed links between periodontal disease and a number of other medical conditions. These other conditions develop as a result of bacteria from the mouth entering the bloodstream. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream when you are eating. The conditions that gum disease has been linked to include: 

Heart disease

Studies suggest that having gum disease increases your risk for cardiovascular disease. Examples of cardiovascular disease linked to gum disease include coronary heart disease or stroke. The American Academy of Periodontology recommended in a 2009 paper that cardiologists should investigate whether their patients have gum disease or not. 


Gum disease may increase the likelihood of a person suffering from dementia later on in life. The linked between these two disease is established through the bacteria that develops in the mouth. Dementia presents itself as poor memory and behavior that is considered to be unlike the indivduals normal behavior. 

Premature birth

Pregnant women with gum disease are more likely to deliver their babies prematurely or deliver a child with birth defects.  Inflammation may be the reason for these preganancy & delivery complications in most cases. It is not the exeistence of inflammation in the mouth that causes the complication it is the issues that arise as a result of inflammation in the mouth that causes the complications. For example, periodontal inflammation may cause inflammation in other parts of the body. 

In Conclusion…

In addition to proper, regular brushing and flossing, you should contact Dr. Mjahed, a Family Dentist in Monroe NC,  for annual checkups. Visits will allow you to ensure that you are proactively prevent periodontal disease long before it can cause severe damage. 

Early detection and treatment will help in dental aesthetics and function as well. It could also prove critical to preserving your healthy lifestyle if you have other underlying conditions that can be aggregated by periodontitis. Talk to Dr. Mjahed and find out the best treatment option if you already have gum disease. 

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Long-Term Risks of Periodontal Disease | Monroe Family Dentist
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Long-Term Risks of Periodontal Disease | Monroe Family Dentist
The periodontal disease is often referred to as gum disease. It is a group of inflammatory conditions that affect tissues around the tooth
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