Regular dental checks are important for any child’s dental hygiene. However, going to your local dentist office is often a dreadful experience for them. Dental anxiety is a fear that should be addressed when a child is still young or they may potentially carry the fear with them to adulthood.

Some of the things that make children feel uncomfortable are: being in an unfamiliar room filled with peculiar objects, meeting unfamiliar people dress in scrubs or white coats or wearing facemasks, all this while a stranger is poking metallic and cold things in their mouth. There are several measures parents can take to help ease all future visits and our Monroe dentist would like to share them with you here.

Begin Dental Visits Early

General and pediatric dentists’ advise parents to begin taking their children to the dentist office at an early age. The first visit to the dentist should be as soon as the first tooth becomes visible. The parents need to identify a specific clinic that caters to the needs of children. It is also important to stick to one dentist so that the child feels at ease during future visits.

Use Positive Words

It is very important for parents to watch their words when talking about the dental experience. Words like “pain”, “shot”, “hurt”, etc can invoke fear and anxiety. In most cases, the dentist and the staff members will have their own vocabulary when talking to the kids. The dentist may tell the child that he is looking for “sugar bugs” and when he spots then he will clean then out. Parents can use words such as “clean”, “strong”, “healthy” when explaining the dental procedures. This way the kids will think of the dental experience as beneficial and fun rather that painful and scary.

Prepare For Some Resistance

How the parent’s react when their child is in the dental chair will either invoke fear or make the child feel at ease. If the parent has dental fears, then it becomes very easy to pass them on to the kids. Parents also ought to be prepared for the experience. It is normal for children to whine and sometimes cry, however, a parent’s duty is to keep the child calm. The child should be reminded that he or she is brave. Parents should trust the children’s dentist to handle the child professionally and caring way.

Emphasize on the Benefits

Children will be more open to dental visits once they understand that the trip to the dentist is a necessity. It is important for parents to tell their teeth that regular checks will make their teeth strong. They should also be made to understand how the children’s dentist helps to keep bad cavities away and this promotes dental hygiene. Once they understand this, they see the dentist as a partner who helps them get strong healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

We fully understand dental anxiety and we have a great, experienced dentist and staff who are trained to make your children look forward to the next dental visit. Contact our dentist in Monroe NC for your child’s next appointment!