Monroe Family Dentist Shares Tips

Gum disease, which is also known as periodontal disease is a health issue that affects countless people worldwide. When bacteria in the mouth buildup between the teeth and gums, the gums can become inflamed and diseased. Gum disease can cause gum recession, which eventually may lead to tooth loss, so it is essential to do everything you can to avoid it. Here are a few things you can do to prevent gum disease.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly
Regularly brushing your teeth is one of the best way to prevent gum disease from occurring. This prevents plaque from building up along the gumline, and it can get rid of dangerous bacteria. Most general dentists recommend that their patients brush teeth for two to three minutes, at least twice a day. While brushing teeth, it is important to make sure that you brush along the gumline gently.

Use a Mouthwash
Swishing an antibacterial mouthwash throughout your mouth will remove bacteria that a typical toothbrushing may not reach. The liquid can easily reach into all of the small spaces in the back of the mouth. To use mouthwash properly and ensure that the maximum amount of bacteria is removed, it is necessary to swish it throughout your mouth for at least 45 seconds.

Get Expert Cleanings Often
It is important to visit a general dentist’s office for a regular cleaning and checkup. There is no substitute for professional tooth care, and they have equipment which can remove plaque build up more thoroughly than a oral health routine at home. During a general checkup, experts will be able to examine your gums for any signs of periodontal disease, so that it can be treated before it worsens.

Floss Daily
Flossing is often overlooked, but it is essential in the fight against gum disease, because some teeth are so tightly packed together that neither toothbrushes or mouthwash can clean them. Using dental floss to clean between teeth every 24 hours removes any debris, bacteria, or plaque that is between the teeth, where a toothbrush cannot reach.

By regularly practicing good cleaning habits, it is possible to prevent gum disease. Call our Monroe dentist office today to schedule your regular cleaning or learn more about proper gum care.