Back in the old days, the only way to straighten a crooked smile was to get it corrected using braces or retainers. Fast forward from a couple of decades to now, technology has made it possible for patients in Monroe NC and elsewhere to choose from a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures apart from braces and retainers, including cosmetic bonding and contouring, porcelain veneers and Lumineers installation.

Invisalign vs. Braces
One teeth straightening option that has been garnering attention is the use of Invisalign, which is fast becoming a sought-after alternative to braces. This raises the question: is Invisalign more beneficial to patients than braces?

An article posted in Health Articles 101 listed several ways which make Invisalign the better choice over braces. As far as appearances are concerned, Invisalign is much more preferable, as they are virtually undistinguishable.
This is especially beneficial to adults who may understandably be embarrassed about wearing metal braces in their post-adolescent years. A cosmetic dentist in Monroe like Dr. Khalil Mjahed of Monroe Family Dentistry recommend these dental devices, particularly to older patients and professionals who do not want to wear distracting metal braces.

Form and Function
As a corrective dental device, Invisalign braces are more versatile compared to traditional braces. Patients can readily remove them when brushing and flossing, thus making oral hygiene easier to perform. As they are made of plastic, Invisalign braces are less harmful to patients’ mouth and gums, while being just as effective in realigning teeth as metal braces. Additionally, if you are looking into whitening your teeth, Invasalign braces can also serve as trays for whitening solutions.

Other benefits of Invisalign as follows:

  • Muscle soreness is more probable with the standard braces rather than the invisible appliances.
  • Cross bites are more proficiently corrected with invisalign braces.
  • Since there aren’t any brackets and wires to deal with when fitted with invisalign braces, there is no chance for painful cuts inside the mouth.

Patients in the Monroe and South Charlotte region can consult our Monroe dentist about Invisalign braces, and how these can benefit from them. In many aspects, Invisalign is an ideal cosmetic solution because it is both subtle and effective.