For those who are looking for straighter teeth, there are two main options, Invisalign or traditional braces. There are a number of benefits to choosing clear braces, such as the Invisalign system, and by looking at these benefits, a patient can find the best option for them. So, what are some of the benefits a person will receive when they choose this system over traditional braces? Our Monroe cosmetic dentist shares the top 5 benefits:

1. This System is Virtually Invisible

One of the main benefits of using this clear system is that no one knows that the person is wearing them. When an individual has braces, anyone can see them when smiling. However, with these systems, a cosmetic dentist fits them over the teeth, and when smiling, there are no braces to be found.

2. The System is Comfortable

Another benefit of this teeth straightening system is that they are comfortable. When a person has braces, they experience cuts in their lips, irritation on the tongue and braces cause the inside of the cheeks rough and raw. Since this system is made of smooth, clear plastic, wearers do not have any worries that they will harm or hurt the sensitive skin in the mouth.

3. The System is Easy to Clean

The third main benefit of this system is that it is a lot easier to clean when compared to braces. With braces, there is a lot of work involved when it comes to getting food out of the brackets and from around the wires. Those who wear braces also have limits to the food they can eat, and things such as gum, popcorn or even nuts are not recommended. With these clear braces, however, a person can eat anything, as the system slips on and off when eating meals and snacks.

4. The System is Highly Effective

These plastic systems are also highly effective for most, though not everyone is a candidate for this system. For instance, for people who have major malfunctions in their mouth, this system probably is not the best option, but a cosmetic dentist can evaluate the situation.

5. The System is Affordable

Finally, these systems are very affordable, and in many cases, they are no more expensive than traditional braces. Since this is the case, most people will have the option of choosing either this type of system or metal braces.

For those who are interested in learning more about this tooth straightening system, contact our Monroe cosmetic dentist. We will be able to evaluate the situation and determine if the patient is a candidate for clear, plastic aligners called Invisalign.