If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, then it is time to visit a cosmetic dentist who can offer an assortment of treatments. There is a good chance that a local dentist office has a specialist providing procedures to improve the color or shape of your teeth while making sure a dental bite is strong. Some of the treatments that you can undergo to have a more beautiful smile, include:

• Veneers
• Dental crowns
• Teeth whitening
• Bonding
• Dental implants

One: Veneers

A veneer is a customized porcelain or composite material cover that is placed over the front of a tooth. In most cases, veneers are appropriate for teeth located toward the front of the mouth to cover damage or discoloration. The veneer is fastened to a tooth with water-resistant resins, and the device may last as long as 20 years with the proper care.

Two: Dental Crowns

Another procedure available from a cosmetic dentist is a dental crown. These restorations are necessary for teeth with severe damage such as large cavities. The enamel is removed from the exterior of the tooth, and the dentist removes infection from the pulp and nerves. Next, a custom-made dental crown is placed over the nerves and pulp to create an attractive smile.

Three: Teeth Whitening

If your teeth have food and tobacco stains, then request teeth whitening. An in-office procedure requires less than two hours and involves protecting dental restorations before applying hydrogen peroxide to your dental enamel. After water is added to your mouth, the hydrogen peroxide chemical begins to bubble to remove stains. After rinsing your mouth, you will have whiter teeth for several months.

Four: Bonding

When a tooth has a small chip or scratch on its surface, a cosmetic dentist can apply liquid bonding materials to cover the damage. With specialized equipment, the dentist will polish the color-matching bonding material to create a natural surface on your tooth.

Five: Dental Implants

A local dental office has a dentist who can examine your mouth to determine if dental implants are appropriate to replace missing teeth. Some patients can have dental implants inserted right away while others need preliminary treatment to improve their jawbone strength.

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