Dental implants are posts that are positioned surgically into the jawbone to allow the surgeon to attach replacement teeth into your gum. They act as the tooth root would by holding the new set of teeth in place. These replacement teeth are stable and do not require you to remove them like dentures. Implants are also more hygienic as they do not have an underlying tooth beneath them as bridges do.

Technically, anyone who has lost teeth is a potential candidate for the implants. There are circumstances, however, that disqualify some people from this procedure.
The perfect candidate for a dental implant has:

1. Healthy Gum
The implants are going to be input into the gum. It is imperative that the gum is healthy to enable the surgeon to position the implants into the gum.

2. Bone Density
The candidate should have a sturdy bone structure in their jaw to accommodate the implants. If the bone formation is not strong enough, the new set of teeth will not be able to endure the pressure that comes from chewing and working the jaw. The procedure will therefore not be successful.

3. Be Committed To a Healthy Oral Routine
Dental implants are just like regular teeth. They require proper dental hygiene. For the implants to service you for a long time, you need to care for them like you would natural teeth. If you smoke, you have to be willing to quit the habit, at least until the implant process is complete. Dedicated dental care, as spelled out by our dentist in Monroe, requires one to brush and floss their teeth twice a day and also to make regular visits to the dentist.

There is a group of people who do not qualify for the implant by default. They include:

  • Individuals with diabetes-They do not qualify because their bodies take longer to heal.
    • Individuals who are in treatments that require them to take bisphosphonate medications
    • Youths whose jaws are still growing


The implant process takes between four to 12 months depending on the number of teeth that you need to replace. The success of this process leans heavily on the commitment of the patient.

A smile brings sunshine to those that receive it. You may be shy in letting the world see your gummy smile. There is no tooth problem that our highly qualified dentist in Monroe cannot solve. Visit us and let us put that beautiful smile on your face!