Braces are often associated with the teenage years. However, not all families can afford them for their teens. This leaves some adults wondering how to get straight teeth later in life and fortunately for them and now teens too, there are workable options available with the help of a our Monroe cosmetic dentist.

One of the easiest and most affordable options is the Invisalign system. This system consists of a series of clear braces that fit over the teeth and exert pressure to push them into a straighter position. As each one’s goal is reached, it is replaced by the next in the series of clear braces, which continues the treatment.

Because Invisalign braces are clear, most people will not even notice that you are wearing them unless you point it out. This can be a huge advantage if your job places in a position of dealing with people on a regular basis. There is none of the awkwardness seen with metal braces.

Another advantage is that these devices can be removed to allow for proper dental hygiene. Unlike metal braces, which are attached to the teeth by screws and wires, these clear trays can simply be popped out of the mouth. This gives full access to the teeth surfaces for brushing and flossing. There is no chance of food getting caught in the metal and trapped there until your next visit to the cosmetic dentist.

The ability to remove the trays and insert them yourself also means that you do not have to have routine adjustments performed in the dentist’s office. After one tray has been worn the prescribed amount of time, you can exchange it for the next one in the series in the privacy of your own home. There is little need to worry because these devices are more durable in many ways than traditional braces and require less maintenance.

If you are unhappy with your smile and would like more information on how to get straight teeth, contact our Invisalign Preferred Provider and cosmetic dentist office today. We will be glad to go over all the benefits of Invisalign clear braces with you. We will also detail other options that are available to adults in case you decide this system is not exactly right for you.