Many people need braces for a variety of reasons, and when they begin to explore the options with their cosmetic dentist, they see that they are not relegated to a one-size-fits-all solution. Invisalign pops up in their search results, and they begin to wonder what this method is.
What is Invisalign?
Essentially, this method is a set of clear braces. Sometimes, they are thought of as invisible braces. Traditional metal braces are quite easy to see, but many people do not like that style. Clear braces help to encourage individuals to obtain braces when they worry about their appearance.

Can anyone see the braces?
A major selling point of the braces is that they help people to maintain their regular appearances. If people are close enough to you, they may be able to see the braces to some extent. You do still have fixtures on your teeth; however, in general, no one will be able to see them.

Is everyone a candidate for the invisible braces?
No, not all people are candidates for this type of braces. In order to find out if you qualify, you should schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist. While the features have undergone improvements to make them more accessible, you may have certain conditions or issues that preclude you from this treatment method.

How much do the braces cost?
The exact price is going to vary. You will also need to call your insurance company to find out if the braces are covered. The price that you have to pay out-of-pocket but vary tremendously from the price that is actually attached to the braces.

How long do patients have to wear them for?
Just as with traditional braces, the amount of time that you need to spend with them is going to vary. The answer depends upon the condition of your teeth, what issues are present in your mouth and how quickly the braces work.

Why is this method a smart choice?
Since people cannot see that you are wearing braces, this method can give you the confidence you need to continue with this healthy treatment plan. Strong dental health improves your body overall, so you want to pick the treatment plans that address your oral hygiene issues.

When you are ready to learn more about this treatment plan, call us to schedule an appointment.