Dental veneers offer you the opportunity to improve the condition and beauty of your teeth. In just a few office visits, you can alter the shape, size, and color of tooth imperfections that will transform your dental appearance into a healthier, more aesthetically alluring smile. The wafer thin veneers are invisible to the naked eye, they cannot be detected by anyone, and they will imitate the same reflective lighting properties as your natural teeth.


1. If you grind your teeth while sleeping, you’ll need to wear a mouth guard at night to eliminate the biting action and to protect your veneers.

2. The dentist will need to correct any existing dental problems with the teeth where veneers will be placed before the cosmetic procedure can be done.

3. Discuss your concerns and the desired end results that you want to achieve with the cosmetic dentist before any work is started because the procedure will be a permanent alteration to the surface enamel of your teeth.

4. If you were planning to whiten your teeth, do it before the cosmetic procedure because the color of veneers cannot be altered.


1. Because porcelain veneers are placed on the front side of teeth, the tooth structure on the back side of the teeth remain intact. Veneers actually enhance the strength of teeth.

2. Veneers resist scratches and stains, they are durable, and they are long lasting.

3. Veneers are able to cover imperfections such as gaps between teeth, uneven teeth, tooth abnormalities, small chips, cracked teeth, and stains.

4. Veneers are natural looking, they are easily tolerated by gum tissue, they will match the shade of the surrounding teeth, and the veneer tooth coloring will not change over time.

5. Veneers are easy to maintain. The lifespan of these restorations can be preserved with the same daily flossing and brushing routine given to all natural teeth.

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