If you have teeth that have been severely damaged by trauma, decay, or due to some other reason, you may be a candidate for a dental crown. Here at Monroe Family Dentistry, we offer a variety of services including the fabrication and installation of dental crowns.

What is a Dental Crown?

Could Your Teeth Benefit from a Dental CrownA dental crown is a dental construction that is fitted over the top of a tooth. It is similar to a tooth filling in that it is created with a composite material that mimics the look, feel, and operation of your natural tooth. It differs from a filling in that, a filling typically goes in the tooth, a dental crown fits over the top of the tooth.

Why are Dental Crowns Used?

Typically, a dental crown is used to protect a tooth that has been damaged. It is a permanent fixture, meaning you won’t ever take it out. If your tooth has been damaged, a dental crown can prevent the damage from getting worse. Or, if you simply have a tooth that is severely weakened and at risk of being damaged, having a crown in place can help prevent this from happening.

We Can Help You!

Getting a dental crown is a fairly simple procedure. Here at Monroe Family Dentistry, we are proud of our reputation as being one of the most reputable and affordable dentistry offices in the area. If your teeth are damaged—or if you think they are at risk of injury—let us take a look. We can help you decide whether a dental crown is the best course for you.

So give us a call today, or drop in for a visit. At Monroe Family Dentistry, we’re happy to examine your teeth. If you need a dental crown, we can make the process simple, quick, and convenient.

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