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Is Poor Oral Health Hereditary

The simplest way to describe a cavity is as tooth decay caused most often by dental plaque buildup. All tooth decay, or cavity development,  is a result of what you consume, how you care for your teeth and whether or not you use fluoride toothpaste. Other factors include your family history, which is a factor that many patients neglect to include as a risk factor. Family history factors include a history of problems with teeth like teeth diseases and your family’s overall culture as it relates to oral health care.

Adults and children are both at risk for cavities, but those adults with a history of dry mouth have a higher risk. Contributing factors for dry mouth are medications, illnesses, tobacco use, and even radiation treatment. Dry mouth means that there is a lack of saliva present in the mouth. Lack of saliva production causes the mouth to become the perfect place for bacteria to live.

Infections Make Cavities A Serious Problem

The presence of cavities should be taken seriously. If no measures are taken to prevent tooth decay and cavities are left untreated they will lead to further destruction of the tooth and costly repairs. Cavities can cause painful pus-filled abscesses to develop at the root of the tooth and appear on the gums. Abscesses are an infection that should be treated immediately so as not to cause other overall health issues.

The best way to prevent cavities is to establish a twice-daily oral care routine that includes brushing, flossing and rinsing with an antiseptic mouth wash. More importantly, visit Dr. Mjahed, a dentist in Monroe, NC, for your annual exam and cleaning.

Without the assistance of a dental professional, it is impossible to avoid cavities. A dentist is able to catch the development of a cavity much sooner than you will. Most people may not even notice that there is a problem until pain develops, but by then the cavity will have already formed and damaged the tooth. Some signs that you may notice is pain or any change in tooth color.

The Biggest Contributing Factors For Cavities

Eating and drinking sugary foods is one of the biggest contributing factors, so reducing intake can drastically reduce risk. This is also true for starchy and acidic food types that can eat away at the enamel layer of the tooth. Once the enamel layer is penetrated tooth decay will progress rapidly.

Don’t be fooled, even if the outer layer of the teeth appear to be fine, in the beginning, breakdown is gradual. Bacteria will continue to eat away at the tooth until the hole becomes larger and eventually expose the root of the tooth. This is when the real pain will begin and you are much more likely to seek help at this point.

Pay close attention to the teeth that exist in the back of the mouth. These teeth are more susceptible to cavity development and tooth loss since they are the hardest to keep clean. Visit our dentist in Monroe for a checkup and treatment for any existing cavities before they spread.

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Cavity Development And Family History
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Cavity Development And Family History
The simplest way to describe a cavity is as tooth decay caused most often by dental plaque buildup. Other factors include your family history, which...
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