1. Prevent Morning Breath
Everyone wants great dental hygiene tips to get rid of bad breath, especially in the morning to avoid offending loved ones. Preventing breath odor in the morning begins the night before by brushing and flossing teeth thoroughly to remove food and beverage debris that begins to spoil inside the mouth overnight after combining with bacteria.

2. Avoid Tobacco Products
All types of tobacco products lead to stains on the teeth that require teeth whitening treatments from our Monroe dentist. Chewing tobacco and cigarettes are both responsible for causing horrible breath odor due to contaminants lurking between the teeth and below the gums. Smoke from cigarettes remains in the lungs and is expelled constantly when someone breathes.

3. Eliminate Dry Mouth
There are people prone to having a dry mouth due to health conditions or taking medications. Get rid of bad breath from dry oral cavity tissues by drinking more water to reduce dehydration. Avoid breathing through the mouth because of a stuffy nose from colds or allergies by blowing the nose or using breathing strips at night while sleeping.

4. Change Daily Diet
Dental hygiene tips to improve breath odor include avoiding pungent beverages and food. Some of the things that people eat that cause long lasting bad breath are hot spices such as garlic, fish and strong cheese. Beverages that cause breath odor are coffee, beer and milk.

5. Clean Dental Appliances
Anyone wearing dental appliances such as dentures, bridges or braces should ask our Monroe dentist how to clean the items properly to remove debris that causes odors. Specialized toothpastes, mouth rinses and flosses are often required to wash away food particles and bacteria from dental appliances to avoid bad breath.

6. Cure Health Problems
Another way to get rid of bad breath is curing chronic health conditions such as acid reflux disease, stomach ulcers or swollen tonsils. All of these medical conditions can lead to horrible breath odor due to inflammation and smelly fluids in the body’s digestive tract, esophagus and throat.

7. Improve Oral Hygiene
Improving daily oral hygiene with frequent tooth brushing and flossing along with scraping bacteria from the surface of the tongue helps to prevent bacterial growth that leads to bad breath. Also, make sure to visit our Monroe dentist every six months for a professional cleaning to remove plaque from between the teeth to prevent periodontal disease.